Our Projects

Engineered with empathy…

Each dreamspace project is created using the engineering design process, Click on each of the following images to learn more.


 “Yes, andbecame a collaboration between dreamspace and a brave young woman who was sexually assaulted at Carnegie Mellon University as response to the international cry of #metoo.



“Resource for Recourse”  provides funding for survivors of sexual assault to cover their legal fees.


“Linking Communities with STEM” empowers students to think about issues within their own communities and how to solve them.  Educators were encouraged to dream and bring those dreams to fruition by embracing an iterative approach to facilitating the learning process. By fostering a multi generational cohort imbued within an ethos of empathy, students and educators created for the sake of others.


INSERT IMAGE The Allegheny Women’s Biotechnology Workforce Collaborative (AWBWC) is a research based educational intervention designed to support participants with “lifelines” using blended learning as they further their education and enter the biotechnology workforce. This holistic educational approach provides didactic instruction with a focus on individualized learning using technology to foster personal skill development and mentoring from industry professionals.

“Sex Ed 2.0”  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not have a legal mandate for sex education. We are one of the only states in this situation. How can we not provide sex education without considering pleasure and sexuality and sensuality? No wonder predators and the  justice system discounts sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment. It’s time to change this.

If you are interested in helping with these efforts send me an email to dreamspacepgh@gmail.com with “Projects” in the subject line and consider sharing the LOVE with a tax deductible donation to dreamspace.