Linking Communities with STEM

In 2014, I was awarded an LRNG Innovation Challenge Grant for “Linking Communities with STEM.” The goal was to improve the quality of life for people using a collective wisdom.  Students were empowered to think about issues within their own communities.  Educators were encouraged to dream and bring those dreams to fruition by embracing an iterative approach to facilitating the learning process. By fostering a multi generational cohort imbued within an ethos of empathy, students and educators created for the sake of others.

Perhaps the most powerful experience was the “Poverty Simulation” (password is “1“). Upon completion of the simulation, the students were determined to make a substantive difference. Literally, students left the classroom and returned to my home and worked at the dining room table through the night and continued well after after the project officially ended.

LCWS teaser: Part 1

LCWS teaser: Part 2


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