Sex Ed v2.0

Radical community healing requires a new iteration of sex education.

During the 2018 Adagio Women’s Health Symposium I learned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not have a legal mandate for sex education. We are one of the only states in this situation. How can we not provide sex education without considering pleasure and sexuality and sensuality? No wonder predators and the  justice system discounts sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment.
It’s time to change this.
These crimes exist continue in part because our public schools do not properly address human development and sexuality in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Sex Ed 2.0 belongs in public schools to inform students about their bodies, themselves and understand mutually gratifying pleasure.  If parents don’t want their child to learn this content and how to communicate their feelings with their partner, then opt out. The rest of us want to facilitate healthy courageous conversations.
Today, the school districts have created a work around.  They bring in third parties to focus on the mechanics of sex, identifying pregnancy with egg and sperm and gloss over STDs.

If you are interested in helping this effort for a legal mandate of Sex Ed 2.0 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania send me an email to with “Sex Ed 2.0” in the subject line and consider sharing the LOVE with a tax deductible donation to dreamspace.